Our expertise in painting, wallpaper Installation and removal projects is unrivaled and no job is too big or small for our team of experts.

With stock equipment to install stairwells & high ceilings, we are specialized on:

Painting & Wallpaper

Installation, Repair & Removal

Commercial Wallpaper & Painting

Hotels, Restaurants, Nurse Homes, Industries, Hospitals, Offices, Buildings, etc.

Residential Wallpaper & Painting:

Foyers, Stairways, Hallways, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, Nurseries, etc.

We specialize in all types of wallpaper installation services including english papers, fabrics, untrimmed wallpaper, murals, self stick, pre-pasted, grass-cloth wallpaper, maps, foils, hand-made wallpaper, etc.

We professionally install ALL types of wallcoverings including:

• Grasscloths, Leather, Metallics

• Handprints, Murals, Digital Murals

• Fabrics, 3-D Tiles, Lincrusta

• Commercial Types I, II & III

• Custom-Made Wallcoverings

Commercial Wallpaper Company in New York

NYC Wallcovering has completed tenant improvements, New Hotels, and Hotel remodels. We have a strong working relationship with many contractors and sub contractor in New York and surrounding state. Our staff is available to assist you on your projects and we abides by all safety standards and requirements.

Wallpaper installation, repair & removal

Wallpaper Installation: Whether you are a interior designer, custom home builder, homeowner restaurants, dentist’s offices, hotels and office complexes who insists on a quality product and professional workmanship, our craftsmen install commercial & residential wallcovering from basic installation to to grasscloth and other “high-end” wallcoverings.

Wallpaper repair: Let us repair the damaged area and save you hundreds of dollars. We will make you look good at a fraction of the cost. We repair damage from fire, water, pets and children.

Wallpaper removal: Our highly-trained technicians apply specialized techniques to ensure the protection of your walls and ceilings. We remove coverings and glue and leave your surfaces in pristine condition.

Residential Wallpaper Company in New York

Custom wallpaper installation for homes in New York and surrounding states. Did you know wallpaper is making a comeback? It’s true, thanks to the many options now available from conventional paper and vinyl to fabrics and grass cloth. If you’ve ever tried to hang wallpaper on your own, you know how difficult it can be. Especially if you chose an intricate design where the seams need to be matched up just right. Hiring professional wallpaper installers will not only save you time and frustration, you can also give your room a completely new personality with the various patterns, colors and textures of wall coverings.