Wallcoverings with botanical themes become versatile

For some years now, the “botanical” prints have been successful among the most used wallcoverings. Unlike usual, this type of pattern brings lightness and freshness to the environment in which it is applied. Places that once were considered “lifeless” or monotonous gain new air with the installation of botanical wallpapers.

Botany-themed wall coverings are very versatile and can be applied in various types of places. In residences practically all the rooms of the house combine with the proposal next nature. Whether in the living room or bedrooms and even in the kitchen and bathroom, the style connected to nature is welcome.

For the professional environment, the botanical style parallels modernity, relaxation and spontaneity. Loaded with lightness, this print will match the walls of inns, resorts and hotels with a more youthful and uncluttered identity. Waiting rooms for nutritionists, physicians, physiotherapists and health and wellness clinics are also great places to install these wall coverings.

It is worth remembering that this trend is getting stronger in big cities, as is the case in New York and region. The quest for nature’s closeness is growing and can be present on the walls of your home or work.